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Blacktop Banter started as an Asphalt Industry Podcast devoted to bringing content to the contractors and people that make it up. Since the first day in 2019, BB has consistently covered what makes our industry unique, interesting and one of the most important trades in the world. As time has went on, we have created content with anybody who asphalt effects, and people with leadership mindsets as well, including Contractors, Manufacturers, Suppliers, NASCAR Drivers, NFL Players, Combat Athletes, Extreme Sports Athletes and More. The Banter has 100s of thousands of followers and millions of views now across all social media platforms and the podcast is available in 36 countries with thousands and thousands of listeners.

Now Blacktop Banter provides more than a podcast. We bring what we have learned about creating successful social media campaigns and how to make a large impact on a company’s branding. Whether you are a contractor, manufacturer, or supplier in the asphalt industry, or even outside the industry, we believe we can bring what we have done very well to your endeavors and help you generate success with your targeted audience.

Marvin Joles founded the company after successfully using Social Media Content Creation in his iconic company, Wis-Coat and to Dubuque Asphalt Maintenance. He now Not only Consults clients on this topic and more through Blacktop Banter but provides coaching and mentorship to contractors in the industry from beginners trying to get on the right course early, to industry veterans who are aiming to add modern marketing and skills to their staple business for generations.

Blacktop Banter now has multiple employees and an office in Spring Green Wisconsin, with aims to not only provide something unique to the Asphalt Industry but become the premier media company in it as well, as BB now hosts a number of industry content creators under its flag, Blacktop Banter prepares to create a large impact in the Industry that has given so much to it.