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How KM International Went From Making Toy Boxes To Hot Boxes | Episode 106

May 8, 2023

Pavement Hall of Fame inductee, U.S. Air Force veteran and President of Keizer-Morris International (KMI), Cliff Cameron, shares wisdom and stories spanning nearly 40 years of KMI's existence, (and his world-famous "Fat Cliffy's Maple Syrup.") From humble beginnings in a dirt floor pole barn and the creation of “The Road Doctor,” an infrared and hotbox combination built on old Chevrolet truck frame, to a product line which now consists of over 30 models, including the first ever Blacktop Banter branded hot box, KM International continues to serve the needs of contractors around the world. Cameron's leadership philosophy includes, “surrounding yourself with winners,” and "focusing on training for the end-user so they're best positioned to succeed." This interview is packed with knowledge and insight so grab a pencil and notebook and jump on in. This episode of Blacktop Banter is brought to you by Crafco, the world’s leading manufacturer of packaged pavement preservation materials and equipment for the asphalt industry and the official sponsor of Blacktop Banter. Learn more at Thank you to all of our podcast sponsors: Crafco, Dynapac, KM International, 800 Pavement Network, Stencil Plus, Liberty Supply and Spot On Site App.

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