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Burning Rubber With Captain Brandon Bateman | Episode 107

May 14, 2023

Commercial airline pilot Captain Brandon Bateman flies in the podcast chair and provides some truly fascinating insight into the ways that pavement and pavement maintenance affect landings and takeoffs at airports across the globe. From the potholes of Chicago O'Hare's taxiways (no surprise there) to burning over 30 pounds of rubber during each 737 landing, you'll want to put your tray table in its upright and locked position as we take a ride into the danger zone on this week's episode of Blacktop Banter. This episode of Blacktop Banter is brought to you by Crafco, the world’s leading manufacturer of packaged pavement preservation materials and equipment for the asphalt industry and the official sponsor of Blacktop Banter. Learn more at Thank you to all of our podcast sponsors: Crafco, Dynapac, KM International, 800 Pavement Network, Stencil Plus, Liberty Supply and Spot On Site App.

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