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Florida Sealcoating w/ Jason Libmann | Episode-36

January 11, 2021

I knew of Florida Sealcoating before I first met Jason last year at NPE. I knew of his company beforehand because of their instagram presence. Florida was always a curious state in my mind when I came to sealcoating, mainly because they are on the opposite side of the country from WI and their pavement can't need protected like ours does up here....does it? After meeting and talking to Jason (who is very approachable btw), I realized there is some differences but the need for asphalt maintenance in his climate still exists, sometimes for different reasons than everywhere else, but it exists. This podcast has been a longtime coming, as Jason is a busy guy, but that business is a good means he is doing something right. During this conversation Jason goes over the differences, how he started and drops some really good lessons that all contractors can take away. Give their instagram a follow at @floridasealcoating . -Marvin

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