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Getting Organized for 2021 w/ Brian Hess | Episode-37

January 22, 2021

If 2020 showed me anything, it was were my weaknesses were as a business owner. One that was glaring to me at the end of the season was just how unorganized I was, especially in my role as the leader. I always preach efficiency to my team, but realized, I was incredibly inefficient with my tasks. One person I know, that juggles a lot of tasks and hats in this world, is my buddy Brian Hess of The Pavement Group. As the President/CEO of The Pavement Group, a national Pavement company. Brian's family is his greatest source of pride and motivation. He carves out time for them regularly, if you follow him on Social Media, you know that. Brian also runs Top Contractor School, which garners a lot of his attention. He also hosts a podcast, does speaking and coaching. So, how does he stay organized and efficient? I pick his brain and ask some questions that I think you as a listener may wonder, but also... I was asking for myself. I came away with some great takeaways from this conversation and I hope you will too. Thanks for listening and here's to 2021 being productive. -Marvin

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