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The Champ is Here! w Koa Viernes | Episode-38

January 24, 2021

When I went down the "Slap Fight" rabbit hole, it was by pure accident. I was watching some UFC Highlights, clicked some Russian videos in the suggested column to the right, watched those and seen these guys slapping each other so hard they were KO’ing each other. Next thing I know, I seen some suggested video that were Americans doing it. One person dominated the highlights of these videos. The Crazy Hawaiian. This guy was taking some shots, and delivering some colossal ones. I knew, in my typical fashion, I wanted to ask him 1000 questions. I did some research and found him on instagram, the rest is DM history. It wasn't until we first connected that I found out Koa, The Crazy Hawaiian, was in the Asphalt and Asphalt maintenance industry. He has a really motivational and inspirational story that I think any listener will find very interesting and will make you believe you should follow your hunch on where your heart is telling you that you should go, because something awesome can happen. In the Season of the NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl, this is a great Underdog Story. -Marvin Blacktop Banter

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