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uman Landscape w/ Caleb & Brittany | Episode-40

February 5, 2021

Old friends are the best friends. I don't know for sure if that is a saying, or I made it up just now...anyway, these two have been my friends for a long time now. We grew wings with our businesses together and have had the pleasure of seeing each others success take flight. In this conversation with Caleb and Brittany, we go over the history of their business, Auman Landscape LLC and talk about a lot of the regular struggles that contractors encounter. Caleb dives into his "kid contractor" days a little and tells the story about getting back on his feet, and Brittany tells us how she saved the day and got Caleb back on his feet, lol. Seriously, they have a great story and great insight into running a business, and running it as a couple. Please enjoy sitting in on this conversation as much as I did, because there were definitely some nuggets to take sure to follow them on social. -Marvin

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