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Mindfulness w/ Prince Daniels Jr @princeadjr | Episode-44

1h 18m
February 13, 2021

I met Prince on Clubhouse. I was in a room just listening while working out, and this guy had the mic for about minute. During that minute, he told of his College football accolades and of his NFL career...and that was the most brief part. The rest of the time he spoke about how he had really benefited from Meditation and breathing, and wanted help others. THAT is the part that drew me in. I have had many moments in my own life where I am overwhelmed by anxiety and depression, stopping to think, breath and find myself has been the key to getting out of those moments and Prince, like myself, has found himself in that process. He shares some great football stories about his time at Georgia Tech, where had over 3,300 yards rushing, 360 yards receiving, 230 kick return yards, and 26 all-purpose touchdowns...where he was a walk-on. As well as, holding the NCAA records for most yards by a RB in a bowl game. Then, was selected by the Baltimore in the fourth round in the 06' NFL draft. Now and Author and Speaker, Prince is on a mission to help Athletes and Leaders to find mindfulness and a clear path to becoming the ultimate version of themselves. Such a humble man, and now my friend, please enjoy this podcast with the Prince of Power & Peace. -Marvin

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