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Cuttin' Grass w/ Paul Jamison @pauljamison | Episode-45

March 2, 2021

I've known this guy personally for a number of years now. We actually used to be in a snapchat group together and talked EVERY SINGLE DAY for about 3 years. The transition from then to now is unbelievable when I think about Paul. We has accomplished so much business-wise and personally, that I knew his story would be great to have brought to your ears. Also, Paul hosts what many would say, is the most recognizable podcasts in the green industry... The Green Industry Podcast. In this interview, Paul and I take turns interviewing each other and Paul talks about his new book, "Cut That Grass, Make That Cash"....yeah, he wrote a book too! I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did, and it was fun to have Paul flip the script on me a little. -Marvin

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