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Futuristic Asphalt w/ Steve Flaherty @necotechusa | Episode-46

March 15, 2021

Steve Flaherty and I met in the Blacktop Banter Clubhouse room.He spoke a couple of times and on one of those occasions he mentioned "Plastic in Asphalt" and that his company makes it... OK, you have my attention. Steve is Founder and CEO of NecoTech, out of Delaware, Ohio. If you pop over to the NecoTech Instagram profile it says "We help upcycle waste materials into sustainable infrastructure products". After my conversation on the podcast with Steve, I realize it is much more than that. You can literally listen to me trying to wrap my brain around all the opportunities and questions about the future of their "Plastic Asphalt" product. The concept and description of what they are doing at this company is so intriguing to me. I really loved listening in to the science and application of this product and how the United States Government is getting involved with this company and also, I REALLY LOVE THE ORIGIN STORY with its "Wal-Mart" roots. I loved this conversation and topic and I hope you will too. We gotta have Steve Back in the Future. -Marvin

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