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Jobber Vs Joist w/ Ryan Behan | Episode-51

March 13, 2022

Easy, beginner, and affordable Office/Estimating/ Invoicing software. Where to start and what to jump to next? First off, I have to apologize for the crappy audio/mic on my end, my normal mic is malfunctioning. I really wanted to talk to Ryan about his use of the software program he uses called Jobber. He is the only guy I know in the industry that uses it, but I know many contractors from the Lawn Care and Landscape industry that use it and love it. In this episode we discuss that software, and its features vs Joist, which we currently use at Wis-Coat. In all honesty, we are looking to upgrade, but want something that isn't intimidating and has a great ease of use for everybody on staff. Hope you enjoy this conversation and breakdown of the programs, and Ryan/s take on the Soft Heat melter adapter, that we briefly discuss in the beginning. Enjoy. -Marvin

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