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SpotOnSite w/ Hayden Cortez @spotonsite | Episode 53

March 23, 2022

Software. We have all seen the booths, convos in the Facebook groups and Ads in the Magazines. With so many choices with software for contractors, which ones do we use and why? Some are too simple, some are way too complicated. Two main areas of software that we cover in this episode is Estimating/Mapping and Group/Client communication. Co-Founder, Hayden Cortez introduces us to a new software program called SpotOnSite, and tells us what it can do for contractors like us, as well as for the clients we work for. Hayden has been in the industry for a bit now, and actually still works for one of the most reputable companies in Colorado and the southwest. I really enjoyed this conversation with the mighty Hayden Cortez and I hope you do too. -Marvin

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