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Copperstate Hose w/ Evan Dundas @copperstate_hose | Episode-55

April 9, 2022

BB55: Copperstate Hose w/ Evan Dundas @copperstate_hose

If you have used any kind of a oil-jacketed crack-sealing machine in our asphalt industry, the chances the are it has a hose from Copperstate hose on it. Also, the hoses that Evan and Copperstate Hose make, and design, are not just limited to our industry. In this podcast, Evan explains to us how Copperstate got started, their history with almost every Hot-Applied Crack Sealing Machine manufacturer in the industry and some of the BIG names outside of our industry that they have designed some very unique hoses for. There is a lot more going on when it comes to making a specialized hose than you can imagine. This episode was honestly far more interested than I originally imagined and it was a great conversation. Hope you enjoy. -Marvin

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