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Asphalt Cowboys w/ Josh Rigsbee | Episode-57

April 19, 2022

What do you get when you mix a southern drawl, Division 1 College Athletics, Line Striping, Release Agents, Cowboys and a Taste for Whiskey on Broadway in Nashville? The Answer... Josh Grigsbee. Josh is a generational cog in his family's business machine, ChemTek. ChemTek makes many chemicals used in the asphalt industry, with PavePro (a diesel replacement release agent) as their marquee product. Josh also has a small niche clothing brand called Asphalt Cowboys, geared toward "Good Ol' Boys" within the Asphalt Industry. If that wasn't enough, he also has started Bull City Blacktop, an Asphalt Maintenance Company in Durham, NC.

Josh has grown up in the industry and still does Line Striping on some of the major airports and Air Force bases in the country, then flies back home to handle sales at Chemtek. His clothing website is usually out of stock, because of demand....but also because Josh has a lot of irons in the Fire, as he takes care of his Asphalt Maintenance in any extra free time he has. Lets just say, he has no trouble sleeping like a log. Really hope you enjoy this one, as we were a little more lax than usual because of our close friendship. Hope to have more banter like this in future episodes as well. Enjoy. -Marvin

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