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Flexman w/ Judas Vrisen | Episode 60

May 8, 2022

Remember back when you were a kid and loved everything Asphalt and Aggregate? And all you wanted was for the field you loved most, was for there to be a SUPERHERO that represented it? Yeah, ME TOO. Well, meet Flexman. Judas Vriseno has been in the Asphalt world for many years, and awhile back transitioned to the aggregate side. It wasn't long before he found his niche, Screens and Screening. Judas brings that expertise in his niche of Wire Screening in Shakers to his alter ego Flexman. In one of the most interesting technical interviews we have ever had on the podcast, Flexman goes over what is good or bad when it comes to screen, what to expect, how problems can be alleviated and how he is here to save us from it all. Hope you enjoy this interview with my new friend. -Marvin

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