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Home / Podcasts / Grass is Greener w/ Jason Thompson @marleythejeep | Episode-62

Grass is Greener w/ Jason Thompson @marleythejeep | Episode-62

1h 18m
May 23, 2022

Jason Thompson is a dear friend of mine. We connected through the Lawn Care and Landscape Industry Community about 6-7 years ago now, and when we met in person, we were instantly connected. We both knew the other was was genuine as they come and the integrity ran strong in both. Jason is an entrepreneur, father, singer jeep enthusiast and husband. Family comes first with Jason, which is why his company Grass is Greener is a family operated company. In this podcast, I ask my friend to get extremely candid, as we dive into some of the hardest things anybody could ever talk about personally. Depression, anxiety, stress, loss, suicide and more...coupled with owning a business. It is not an easy one to talk about, but one we both realize is very important to go over, because sometimes just knowing that there are others out there who have and do deal with these issues, can be a life saver. We really hope this one finds you well and if you ever need an ear, either one of us are here. -Marvin

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