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Home / Podcasts / All-Out Parking Lots w/ Marco Menna & Kevin McGarvey | Episode-67

All-Out Parking Lots w/ Marco Menna & Kevin McGarvey | Episode-67

1h 16m
July 10, 2022

Marco Menna insulted me! At least that's how I like to tell the story of how we met. What Marco was really doing, was trying to give me some insight in 2018, in Cleveland. Marco and his partner Kevin, were coming off a Marquee project, and used drone technology, combined with some great shots, to make a promo video for their company. A great Marketing strategy and something Marco was REALLY stressing to me that I needed to do. Im not saying he was wrong, but the video I was making at that time were for an entirely different audience than the one Marco was trying to reach. Regardless, we stayed in touch and, through my kind heart and open-mindedness *wink*, we became really good friends. I have enjoyed watching my friend succeed, and build, and transform. In this episode, Marco and Kevin give us the history, how they have adapted and where the road goes for All-Out coming up. Enjoy. -Marvin

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