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Strategy & Branding w/ Jeani Ringkob | Episode-76

September 13, 2022

After years of preaching the importance of branding, and using social media with all the other forms of marketing to do so, it feels pretty good to have somebody like Jeani on the show to confirm I at least know what I'm talking about in one area of life...I mean, that's a start people. Anyway, all jokes aside, Jeani is a lifetime member of the asphalt industry and has coached many clients to success in their businesses using her strategies. After spending many years at Koch Industries, Brasier Asphalt and Vance Brothers, Jeani took out on her own business venture to help other companies succeed with her guidance. With her company, StoryBuilt Marketing and Coaching, Jeanie is helping owners and clients develop strategies to get them branded in their respective areas, in their respective fields. I really enjoyed this conversation and found it very insightful because of the great tips she gave us. -Marvin

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