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Bigger Beyond the NFL w/ William James | Episode-79

1h 27m
October 9, 2022

Will James - 10 years in the NFL. Think about that. What kind of drive, experience, dreaming and perseverance does it take to accomplish that?... Will James knows. My friend Will spent that much time playing for the New York Giants and other teams, at the highest level a Cornerback can. Will shares with us his story and the valuable lessons he learned along the way. Will accomplished great things on the gridiron, but as his friend, what I am most proud of, is what he has done off the field since then. The impact Will has made in his community is one to be in awe of and the differences he has made in the lives of the people he has come in contact with through his outreach is something to strive for. Very thankful my man made time to share with me this conversation, and I hope you will be too. Listen and Enjoy. -Marvin

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