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Home / Podcasts / The Art of Asphalt Truck Tarps w/ Carl Cordell @american_canvas | Episode-85

The Art of Asphalt Truck Tarps w/ Carl Cordell @american_canvas | Episode-85

November 23, 2022

Michael Blake is the Marketing Manager at KM International and has been for the last 8 years. It is UNDENAIBLE that during that time, KM has been on a great run as far as bringing products to the market that has in incredible reputation and are dependable for their customers... but how do we use "Know" that? We know that because KM has done a great job through marketing, to show what their brand is about. They have also done a great job building a network through their modern connections through that marketing plan and branding efforts. To put in plainly, they are nailing it, and look to keep nailing it for their customers and the asphalt industry. Michael talks with us about how they are bring in it all together and the importance of their efforts on Social Media and the Marketing tool it is for branding, and beyond. -Marvin

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