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Raising the Bar w/ Daniel Wright @proline_plm | Episode-87

December 5, 2022

About a month ago Daniel, who is owner of Proline Parking Lot Maintenance and a content creator here at BB, FaceTime calls me... which never happens. Daniel was immediately speaking and being firm about something that he just experienced and something that has been under the surface of our industry fro years, but never been tackled head on by the ones it effects most, the best contractors in the industry. What is this thing that had our friend so up in arms and ready to do something about it you ask? The lack of dedication to producing a quality product, consistently, every single time. That means no shortcuts, no half-a**ing it, being accountable to the clients and most importantly, SHOWING YOUR WORK aka "being-transparent". The result is a better industry image, with higher margins for higher quality work. I love this discussion and hope you do too. We are excited about launching our #RaiseTheBBar campaign this 2023 season and are looking forward to seeing how everybody pitches in to make this happen. -Marvin

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