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Smooth Rides w/ Mark Larranaga @topcontoday | Episode 95

February 6, 2023

From a previous podcast with Indy Driver James Roe, my interest was sparked about the resurfacing of iconic International Racetrack, Silverstone, and how TopCon was able to use their technology to create a smoother, faster surface there. TopCon was kind enough to give us the time of Mark Larranaga, Director of Intelligent Paving, at TopCon. Mark first gives us some insight on how he, or any person, gets into a position in their career that has such a title. Then he dives in with us explaining what TopCon does and how they were able to us that technology to not only improve Silverstone, but other tracks around the world that Indy and F1 uses today. I found this conversation extremely Interesting, as I hope you did too. -Marvin

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