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Influencer Marketing

If you are a Manufacturer, Distributor or Supplier within the Asphalt Industry, or outside of it, we believe we have created the BEST brand in the industry for you to take advantage of with your Marketing funds.

Between Blacktop Banter’s Podcasts, Facebook Posts, Instagram Posts, TikTok, LinkdIn and YouTube, your message will immediately be in front of 100’s of thousands of Asphalt Industry followers and have the potential to garner millions and millions of views all over the world. Not only once, but forever, as the posts will ALWAYS be up on our profiles and exist on the internet for people to discover and see multiple times for years to come. That’s an offering that NO OTHER media company within our Industry can offer, and at a better value than what they do.

The additional beauty of influencer Marketing is that we can put out multiple posts or videos per month, with a different message or highlight each time. This is unique in our industry versus traditional forms of marketing in the Asphalt Industry, that are primarily paper ads hat never get seen and are the same month after month.

Feel free to contact us to inquire about our Marketing Kit and what the costs are to bring your company the greatest form of value for its marketing budget.

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