“To realize one’s Personal Legend is a person’s only real obligation” -Paulo Coehlo, The Alchemist

episode 72

Episode #72

BB72: OnStation w/ Many Friends When I first seen OnStation in action, I had a “Woah” and “Aha! I get it!” response. So, when Patrick

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Episode 71

Episode #71

BB69: MBW Equipment w/ Rick Gramoll @mbw_inc This Podcast discusses Asphalt Sealcoating, Hot-Rubberized Crack Sealing, Patching, Base Information, Recycled Asphalt Millings, Hot-Mix Asphalt, Line Striping,

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Episode 69

Episode #69

BB69: MBW Equipment w/ Rick Gramoll @mbw_inc I love Origin Stories, no matter what the person or company is that they are about. MBW has

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Episode #70

BB70: ECHO USA w/ Jason Wilk @ECHO USA Had a great conversation with Jason Wilk from ECHO. Jason is the Senior Product Manager at ECHO

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Episode #68

BB68: Dream Big, Work Hard, Become Legendary. w/ James Golden @jamesgoalden James and I connected through LinkdIn. After seeing each other in the comment sections,

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Episode #67

BB67: All-Out Parking Lots w/ Marco Menna & Kevin McGarvey Marco Menna insulted me! At least that’s how I like to tell the story of

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Episode #66

BB66: Purpose w/ Daniel Wright @proline_plm Daniel has become a close friend of mine. We talk strategy, family, introspectiveness, purpose and a whole lot more.

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Episode #65

BB65: NASCAR Truck Series Champion – Ben Rhodes @benrhodes Imagine my surprise, when of all people ThorSport Racing said they could get on the podcast,

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Episode #64

BB64: Making Your Own Way w/ Ray Leonard Jr @rayleonardjr Ray Leonard Jr is the Son of Boxing Legend, “Sugar” Ray Leonard. Now that is

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Episode #63.5

BB63-1/2: BB & TCS = EPIC w/ Brian Hess @realbrianhess My friend, and repeat BB guest, Brian Hess and I talk about where we are

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