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BB covers the Asphalt and Asphalt Maintenance industry, mainly from the perspective of a small business owner, but hopefully with some different perspectives as well. It  covers old things about the industry, New things, Outside things and future topics. The topics include techniques, tools, material and insight. Not to be taken too seriously though, as the only people on the podcast who claim to be experts are the ones the audience chooses and your host, Marvin, chooses not to be in that category because he would rather spend his time cracking jokes and making memes.

Marvin Joles III

Marvin has been the owner of Wis-Coat Asphalt Maintenance in Wisconsin for over 15 years, which won the 2017 WASB Business For Roll Award. He has written various articles for publications including some for Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction Magazine, as well has been featured in the Contractor Spotlight of that magazine. He has spoke at the NationalPavement Expo, as well as various Open Houses for Companies Across the country. His Business YouTube Channel, WisCoat, is one of the most recognized in his industry and he is credited with jumpstarting the Social Media Community in the Asphalt Industry.

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Episode #72

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Episode #71

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Episode #69

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